Admission Tickets

As in years past, guests will have the opportunity to purchase bracelets and spend the day sampling the best in BBQ brisket, steak and burgers. On Friday, the burger and sauce sampling begins at 7:30 PM. The brisket and steak sampling kicks off on Saturday around 12:00 PM. Be prepared to get your fill; so come with an empty stomach and healthy appetite! During the steak and brisket sampling on Saturday, you will have an opportunity to vote for your favorite team.



Burger and Sauce Sampling FREE
Brisket and Steak Sampling (bracelet) $6.00
Steak & Egg Breakfast (advanced sales) $5.00
Steak & Egg Breakfast (day of) $6.00
Wine & Cheese Tasting $25.00
Bourbon Tasting $25.00
Cattle Crawl $50.00